Less than a millisecond per person, or eight per second. Take your pick

I just had one of those oddball thoughts run through my head. The general idea among Christians is that Jesus had sacrificed himself to provide people with a means through which they could be saved seems odd in a few different ways, but there was one way in particular that stood out, and for a particular reason. How long one would’ve been dead, or even on the cross, if the events described are even accurate. The reason this seemed odd to me is that growing up, there were a few who had said something along the lines of “he was thinking of you on the cross.” So how long was he on the cross and dead? For the purposes of this post, I’ll go with a week. Its more than the three days mentioned in the Gospels for his death before the resurrection, and still more if you decide to include the time spent on the cross.

(60 (seconds) * 60 (minutes) * 24 (hours) * 7 (days)) / 8,000,000,000 (rounded the number of people currently living on the planet

The total comes out to roughly 0.0000756 seconds per person living today. That is, of course, ignoring everybody who had lived before, and everybody who will ever live. But, why not go with his entire lifetime? He lived to be roughly 30 (most I’ve seen have said 33), but I’ll say 35 for the sake of easy measurements.

60*60*24*365*35+(8(highest number of leap years)*60*60*24)= 1,104,451,200

In other words, one billion, one hundred four million, four hundred fifty one thousand, two hundred seconds. Thinking of roughly eight people per second during his entire lifetime. And thats just for those who’re alive today, ignoring everybody else who has been, or ever will be.

Shoot, depending on when you think the “soul” enters the fetus, then we’d have an even more for him to think of in both instances.

Now, might those who wish to say that he was thinking of anybody or everybody while on the cross try to support their claim? Because, just looking at the numbers, it seems rather unlikely. This is, of course, ignoring how much time you loose for trying to think of individual people, when in pain.


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