Quantum Jumping is rather ingeneous

At scamming people. I mean it. Really. Consider half the stuff they do. Typing the words “Quantum Jumping Scam” comes up with a few results, one being a .org site, the other being a .com site. I kid you not. But thats not the brilliant thing. No, not in the least. The brilliant thing is that the .org site is run by a person who claims to have been skeptical of it, tried it, and it worked. The other one is very obvious in its fallacious reasoning.

Taking them one at a time. No, wait, ignore the .com site. Read it for the laughs though. The .org site makes the following statement

“People are shocked by the concept of parallel universes and so it’s in their natural instinct to feel like they’re being tricked in some way.”

No, I’ll be honest. The concept of parallel universes isn’t that shocking. What makes people think that they’re being tricked is the idea that they can access a parallel dimension only using their brains. What makes people think that they’re being tricked is the claim that

“some of the finest minds on the planet are starting to discover powerful evidence supporting my claims. Creative and scientific geniuses like Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and Neil Turok, all of whom are responsible for unbelievable breakthroughs in the field of quantum physics.”

when they’ve never said anything that would support the validity of Quantum Jumping, combined with a lack of references to anything to support the claim. While they’ve commented on quantum physics (I can’t say to what extent, such as if they were talking about it from the position of an informed professional from another field), I’d like to see the people responsible for the quotes or data from any of them that supports the basic idea behind Quantum Jumping, that there are parallel universes which have alternate versions of you (bad luck to you if all of the alternate yous were suicidal), that you can interact with to obtain knowledge and skills. Of course, I’m pretty certain that even the guy running it thought that too, because he’s gone towards more of a

Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization technique where you visualize yourself jumping into alternate universes, and communicating with alternate versions of yourself. It’s the result of over 31 years of study in fields like hypnosis, yoga, meditation and remote viewing, to name a few.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised. On a related note, I’m not surprised that he’d consider them to be fields of study. What the brain and body do while one thinks they’re engaging in it might be, but how to do them isn’t one that I’m aware of. Honestly, I’d be interested to find out that there is a reputable and qualified scientist engaging in a serious pursuit to study what people call remote viewing. Because of course, if this is the case, there wouldn’t be a need for to “visualize yourself jumping into alternate universes, and communicating with alternate versions of yourself,” since you could really do it (assuming of course that one can view things in parallel universes).

And of course, if it really was just a visualization technique, any realist wouldn’t feel the need to mislead people by appealing to the authority people give scientists, instead, presenting the evidence for the claims. Not anecdotal evidence, but the stuff submitted to journals and evaluated by those working in the field by means of testing.

After having gone over the Quantum Jumping sites, I have a few questions for Burt Goldman or anybody involved. These are a little old as I sent them a message asking these questions last year, and have yet to receive a response.

1.) In the section “A Message from Burt Goldman,” it states that

  •  Goldman had “spent over five decades of my life traveling the world and studying spiritual pursuits like meditation, visualization and Qigong under the guidance of the world’s greatest spiritual masters.”

While closer to the bottom, in the section “This revelation may be a little hard to swallow…” it states that

  • Goldman has been keeping it [Quantum Jumping] a secret for “over three decades.”

What I would like to know is

a) If Goldman had been spending his time with “spiritual masters,” where would he have found out about something such as Quantum Jumping?

b) What are Burt Goldman’s qualifications in the fields of Physics or Quantum Physics, which peer reviewed papers has he published, which accredited university did he attend to earn a degree in those fields, and in the case that there isn’t an adequate answer to either question, among those who are working on the development of the program, who does have qualifications in the fields of Physics/Quantum Physics, the peer reviewed papers that have been published by them, and the university they attended. For the universities, please include their level of education, if it was their major or minor, and what their other degrees were.

2.) It states in the section entitled “This revelation may be a little hard to swallow…” that it was kept secret “until now—when experiments conducted by some of the world’s most prestigious and reputable universities are starting to support the idea of human thought transference.” What I would like to know is

a) Which papers describing the experiments conducted have been peer reviewed conclusively enough to be able to support your claims are you referring to when you state that “experiments conducted by some of the world’s most prestigious and reputable universities are starting to support the idea of human thought transference,” and on what scale is human thought transference occurring in the experiments? Local (within ten miles), Regional (within one hundred miles), Variable, or between the Multiverses?

b) In what way do you think that the experiments support your product? Please reference your sources.

3.) Michio Kaku is mentioned on the page, and has stated how a way to travel between universes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWHC081B_Do&feature=related). One detail in particular is a vast amount of energy required to achieve this. Now, the Quantum Jumping you are stating does not involve moving between Universes, but merely accessing a specific portion of them. In what way is the energy required to access an alternate universe achieved?

As a note, it states “To change your current reality, all you need to do is change the frequency of your thoughts.” To me, stating this would be an inadequate response as

a) frequency of thoughts, as something capable of changing reality, is something I’ve never seen in a psychology text book, or in any bit of psychological or physics research. If you can point to a peer reviewed paper that does suggest this, could you please state which one?

b) It may be that “To change your perception of reality,” was intended, and if this is the case, I can overlook it, as there are many documented cases of where either willful or chemical means of changing somebody’s mind changes their perception of reality and making them more positive, making them better more creative, and similar things.

4.) In the “The 6-Part FREE Quantum Jumping Introductory Course,” I had noticed something peculiar. “Part 5: Burt’s Live Quantum Healing Technique,” it says “Now that you’ve learned how to jump, it’s time you saw what else Quantum Jumping can be used for. Watch Burt as he performs a live Quantum Healing technique on one of his students.”

Quantum Healing is something that has been promoted by others who advertise themselves as being very spiritual (Burt Goldman states that he has spent the last five decades under the guidance of “the world’s greatest spiritual masters,” so I would regard him as advertising himself as being very spiritual), such as Deepak Chopra, or very religious such as in churches that heal people by “laying hands/slaying in the spirit/etc” In what way does the Quantum Healing promoted by this site differ from the Quantum Healing promoted by Deepak Chopra or the “laying hands” performed in churches?

Note, it has since been updated to Quantum Wellness. To see it in the original “Quantum Healing” version, click here.

5.) In the two testimonials, its states “Please note that these results are not typical.” If this is the case, what are the average results, and of those who see no results, what reasons are attributed to the failure of Quantum Jumping in those cases? What percentage of cases are like the testimonials provided?

6.) It says that Burt Goldman has his work in multiple galleries around the world. Can a list be provided of the galleries which display or have displayed his work?

I look forward to getting a response to each of these questions and concerns.

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Source of material referred to

Quantum Jumping Index

Special thanks goes to Jerry Coyne for recommending a physicist to contact in regards to quantum jumping, and the physicist recommended, Sean Carroll, who’s quote I’ll end the post with.

I don’t have time to offer anything substantial. I can say without looking to hard, however, that multiple universes might be real, but the idea that they can help you in your everyday life is utter crap.


5 responses to “Quantum Jumping is rather ingeneous

  1. Nice article! I wonder – did Goldman answer Your concerns?

    • No, when I sent the questions, I didn’t get a response from Goldman. However, I would suspect that the slight changes he made to the site (such as those you can see by comparing older versions of the site available using waybackmachine to the current one) that some of the questions are representative of other questions or concerns that’ve been raised.

  2. Still hard to believe his stuff, especially about “prestige universities” that support idea of “thought transference”. Where is it in peer-reviewed papers?
    Also, idea that you access another universe by changing the frequency of the thought…doesn’t sound ridiculous?
    It is interesting, that you got such reply from Sean Carroll, who is fun of the Multiverse, yet thinks that Goldman’s stuff is rubbish

  3. I stumbled onto “Quantum Jumping” while seriously looking for a simple explanation for the Theory of Relativity. It popped up on my screen and since I have long speculated about parallel Universes and synchronicity I was intrigued. Didn’t take me long to see the scam. First of all the demand for my Email so that promised first lesson could be sent. Then pages and pages and pages of blurb. Then the usual “health, wealth and personal relationships” … all guaranteed to improve. Then the true red flag …. I know damned well Michio Kaku hasn’t endorsed this scam.

    When self praise consumes pages and pages of the introduction site and there is money and success promised, there’s no need to go further. It’s a scam sham.

    Ironically i DID spend twenty years in india, I did study with several masters, I have participated in some extraordinary experiences of mind expansion and body control …. but the basic principle is that if you make money from your powers or knowledge, you will LOSE those powers. I have never accepted more than some sweets or flowers for my teaching of anything spiritual. That is the law. A law which separates those who are genuine teachers from those who are scammers. There are no exceptions.

  4. thedancethatmovesyou@gmail.com

    This is just another Law of Attraction scam. Thank you for writing this. My first thought when I was reading all these “scientific claims” was “and where did you get this info?” Anyone who gives two shits about science should know that you need to cite your sources.

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