The subjects that I tend to discuss

1.) Science

  • Can be anything from something I’ve researched and found somebody commenting in such a way that is flat out wrong, an article that is interesting and not in terms that most people would find easy to understand, or an article which I’ve found interesting from a magazine.

2.) A/theism

  • The arguments for, and against, the existence of a deity.

3.) Religion

  • Might be taking some of the laws, the actions, or anything else, and commenting on them, comparing them to other religions, and if I can get some more reading material, some of the history of the bible.

4.) Logical Fallacies

  • I’ll try to get a few posts in here and there on the subject of logical fallacies, what they are, what each one is, how to identify them, and anything else that might be important about them.

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