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In Angulis Intelligence Sporecast – Two Questions

Aside from reading and writing on various subjects related to religion, skepticism, science, and so forth, I spend a lot of time writing sci-fi. One of the ones I’ve been working on lately has been a series called In Angulis Intelligence, a collection of short stories, novellas, and novels which tells four stories.

  1. The collapse of the Progenitors, a technologically advanced species with unparalleled achievements, with an understanding of engineering that permitted them to build star ships that were large enough that the only sensible units of measurement would be Astronautical Units or Light Years, and an understanding of biology that permitted them to not only modify organisms through the splicing of genes, but create new species through the creation of novel genes without known parallel. Their technological development paved the way for a violent future, and their gradual collapse through the products of their work.
  2. The rise of the Uplifters, an insectoid assistant to and creation of the Progenitors, who took over, continuing the work of their creators. While less sophisticated than their predecessors, they could only modify what was already there, but like their predecessors, their actions caused their own destruction, and the radical alteration of the galaxy.
  3. The Contact War. In the year 2396 C.E., the Hil’le La, a species of anthropoid-like aliens ruled by a hierarchy referred to as the Echelon, discovered Earth. Between their support from other species and the superiority of spacecraft over aircraft, The Contact War was a brief event, lasting three years. During that time, efforts were made to ensure the survival of Homo sapiens in the face of the near elimination of life on Earth. This epoch ends with human beings beginning to spread out among the stars.
  4. Horizon. Human beings have been nomads for nearly five centuries, operating from armored shuttles to get by through paramilitary efforts, transport of precious cargo, bartering, among other methods. The few who have had a planetside home for more than three years in total is limited to a very small percentage, with the highest estimates suggesting only as many as twenty thousand individuals, out of a conservative estimate of twenty billion members of the species Homo sapiens. This changes with the discovery of one Horizon class ship, a spacecraft with what little remains of the Progenitor’s technology, and connected to a network of Progenitor systems with later connections to Uplifter systems, such as the Archives. Not only did the discovery result in a surge in technology, but the means to obtain planets for colonization, to ensure strong alliances, and develop the means to organize defense measures against other species capable of travelling through space. This epoch ends with a siege on the Horizon class ship owned by Homo sapiens.

Now, this is what I’m wondering. I’ve been using Spore to create a lot of the other intelligent species such as the Hil’le La, the Venshaw, and the Nicton among a total of about twenty that I’ve considered for one point or another, as well as create a number of ships, alien creatures, buildings, and so forth, which I’d say has helped with exploring other details that I haven’t considered when working on In Angulis Intelligence’s timeline (still a work in progress), so I’m working on details for each, going back to see how the events in any given section may effect a later one, or require events in an earlier epoch, which takes a lot of effort, but leaves me inclined to create to look at a particular idea.

Now, I know that those who have subscribed to the In Angulis Intelligence sporecast (not a lot, but still more than I’ve seen before) and those who’re subscribed to my regular creations may have something that they enjoy. For instance, seeing the life from the hot house water world of Cicero IV, or the technology that makes comfortable life on many worlds possible, such as Democritus I’s RaSPNet. So, is there a particular detail of the IAI world that you’d like to see created?

Of course, it also would help if I was better with some of the creators, but if you have any tips, feel free to provide them. So, the second question. What commentary do you have for any general themes? Such as the Nicton castes that were done recently, or the Ulutau. Those who are good at making themed creations may be better at commenting on that subject.

And my apologies for seeming a little disorganized. Writing at 7 in the morning after having been up since 2 am yesterday isn’t helping. I’ll be headed to sleep once I’ve posted this.

For those who haven’t subscribed yet, the In Angulis Intelligence Sporecast