23rd of December

To those of you who don’t follow a good deal of events in the world, I don’t blame you, but I’d like to inform you of one. A few days ago, on December 10th, 2011, a silent protest consisting of thirty people in the island nation of the Maldives took place, advocating for freedom of religion. Hilath Rasheed, one of the recognizable participants of the event, was attacked by at least five individuals, which left him with injuries. I am unaware of the severity, and as such, will not comment on it. What I do commend him for is not being deterred from speaking his mind when it comes to the state of affairs in the Maldives, despite being attacked and having his blog blocked by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs within the nation. There are few people who I know of who would continue under the pressure which individuals such as him endure.

Religious NGOs and government parties have since spoken out against the protestors, calling for the deaths of the non-muslims, (and from what I’ve heard, those who are condemned in the Koran) in an event starting on the 23rd of December. I only hope that my speaking out on the matter has not in any way sped it up. The site, 23december.com, is urging for 100,000 maldivians, or as many as possible, to join the protest in defense of islam. Since it was put up, it was altered for a short time, during which time, according to some of those who saw it, a statement was made threatening those who ran the site. If it was done on purpose by those who run the site to create an enemy for them to attack, or by those opposed to them and acting out of anger or fear, I don’t know. What does appear likely is that the basis is to maintain the expressed viewpoint that the Maldives are 100% islamic, with every citizen being a muslim.

To those who would consider taking part, I would have to ask why? I’ve interacted with only a few Maldivians, and for the most part, the ones I’ve talked to are close to so many of you. They come from among your family members and your friends. If the aura of fear which you help to generate, either by taking part in events such as these, calling for their death, or saying nothing against those who do, did not exist, you might know their opinions. I don’t doubt that if it were not for events such as these which you become so passionate about, you would be generally good people, and because of that, it is this that I’m inclined to ask. Would you consider taking the place of one who is part of the out crowd? Would you consider being in a position in which you are not permitted to express your opinion, simply because it runs contrary to that of the majority, and in doing so, a close family member would contemplate your murder?

In response to those who wish to say that the protestors express islamophobia, I will inform you now, that is not what they express. The three main reasons for this are

1.)    There has been nothing which renders the fear of Muslims such as yourself irrational. The calls for violence, backed by previous events in recent history,

2.)    The lack of prejudice. As somebody I know put it, “In the west, genuine islamophobia exists, and it is a fair fact that there is a lot of unfair bigotry directed at muslims.

3.)    The overreaction to events which you regard as challenging your world view. From that same discussion, “Over here, they’ve extrapolated from that phenomena to an inappropriate context, where anyone who expresses reservations about islam or wants to separate mosque from state is automatically labeled a bigot.”

There is a genuine phobia in some places, and sometimes, on the same basis with which you seem to have with secularists. If there is any phobia to speak of, it is directed towards those who don’t share the views of the majority, of which you are a member.

As a final word, I’d like to comment on the likes of some of the more uncaring Maldivians. For instance, Smoky Lungs, whom I’ve interacted with before, and unfortunately, have had the unpleasant experience of recently learning something about. I don’t take well to people who have no problem with the idea of human sacrifice, and I have even less patience for one who would want it to happen to achieve their goals, be they secularism or fascism. Do the words

“I aim to have you muslims kill one us non muslims on 23rd december… cos that would further my agenda a lot more…. so on with the jihadi spirit and kill a non muslim will you already, cos that would seriously put our cause on the world’s attention…. You kill one of and the government will arrest you and the international spotlight falls on Madlives. And that my friend is what is going to happen and needs to happen too…. These haabee fucks are ready to kill and they will kill on the 23rd. That will be our gateway to freedom in the Maldives…. When one of you muslim terrorists kills one of us on the 23rd the tides will turn to our side in the Maldives when we gain global sympathy because you murdered us for wanting our rights.”

sound familiar? You, quite frankly, make me ill. I’ve been around psychopaths, I’ve been around the most malevolent people you could imagine, and I’ve seen them directed towards other people. I’ve never before seen somebody represent a mix of all three in the pursuit of respectable goals such as that of equality. What a pathetic, disgusting, and despicable method. You want the attention of the world focused on the Maldives? There is a bit more now. What I cannot guarantee, is that the world will look upon you as horribly as they look upon those that you oppose, and if I had my way, they would.

Due to the developing nature of the event, I will be updating the following sections as time goes on. The links provided have more details than I can find, so they will will be recommended as additional reading.

Links on the subject





Hilath’s blog


The link to the official site of the call to murder (not in English, I’ve requested that somebody involved with Maldivian Apostates provide a translation of a page or two)


The objectionable (and downright despicable) posts by Smoky Lungs

section 1

section 2


Survey posted on facebook (Is the maldives 100% muslim?)

I’ve heard Hilath might be held in custody at the moment, and haven’t found anything to verify it as of yet.


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