Evolution Deceit? Part 2 – Darwin

The material for this article has been taken from Harun Yahya’s book Evolution Deceit.

  • Okay, we know their general source, and due to the bit at the end, what they regarded as support for their position. To make it clear which part each comment came from, I’ll try to point it out.
  • Although, after having searched for the sources, it seems as though it could have come ver batum from any creationist site. I won’t make any commentary on who is copying who, nor does it interest me. The claims are what matters, and that is what I’ll try to address.

According to Darwin, different living species were not created by God, but they rather came from a common ancestor and became differentiated from each other as a result of natural conditions. Darwin called this process “Evolution by Natural Selection”.

  • For the most part, accurate. The theory of evolution doesn’t ascribe a supernatural entity or causes as the explanation, just like any other theory in science as science is based on methodological naturalism, in which supernatural entities or causes cannot be used for explanations. The reason for this is that we simply don’t have any instances of supernatural means of events occurring, such as magic, which we have been able to demonstrate as being supernatural. Instead, they have been shown to be the misinterpretation of natural phenomena, or the product of psychology (ex: psychosomatic symptoms in regards to possession by various types of entities), and no instances in which supernatural explanations have improved our understanding of reality in any sense.
  • Although there are those who believe in theistic evolution, which is a god/deity guiding evolution. There is also the belief in extraterrestrial evolution in which it is an extraterrestrial civilization or species that drives evolution. One of the groups that hold the belief in extraterrestrial evolution is the Raelian Movement. While stating that Darwin thought that different species were not created by a god is accurate, it does not happen to be a universal idea in regards to evolution, nor does it look into why a god wasn’t used as part of the explanation.

Darwin was himself conscious of the fact that his theory faced a lot of problems. He confessed this in his book (The Origin of Species, By Means of Natural Selection) in the chapter “Difficulties of the Theory”.

The theory of evolution fails at its very first step: i.e. how life first appeared on earth? According to the claims of the theory, life started with a cell that formed by coincidence.

  • Most scientists, when proposing a new theory, especially one as radical as what Darwin had proposed, will point out the issues with that theory. The main reason I’ve been able to find for that is due to the very harsh nature of the criticism that can be found in the peer review process when one fails to see the problems with what they propose.
  • Since I was curious what he regarded as the issues of the theory, I looked for it. I was able to find a copy online, and broken up into chapters. The full copy you can find here, and you can find the chapter here. What he regarded as the issues are
  1. absence or rarity of transitional varieties.
  2. Origin and transitions of organic beings with particular habits and structure
  3. Organs of extreme perfection and complication (he addresses the eye in this section)
  • The theory of evolution deals with life once it’s come into existence. The thing is, once scientists understand why something happens, they want to go back further. In this case, it’s understood how species diversify, so the goal is to find out how the first living organism developed. The strongest theory at the moment is Abiogenesis, a good article on it is available here.

This section appears to be taken from Chapter 2

Part 1 – Definitions

Part 3 – when posted

Full rebuttal – when posted


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