Arguments for the Existance of Deities – Introduction

I’d like to begin the posts on the subject of arguments for the existence of a deity by saying one thing: arguments do not equal evidence. If that were the case, I could convince somebody who is gullible of something more ridiculous than many of the concepts of god which people have believed in at some point in history, and that convincing of somebody would equal proof. What does support a claim is evidence. Anything short of that I, and many others, would regard as inconsequential.

With this in mind, there is still a good reason for knowing, and understanding the arguments that one might present for a god. It is because people do not understand that basic fact, and as a result, regard an argument as a valid basis for reaching a conclusion. I already have some that I’m working on, although feel free to propose your own or one you’d like to see critiqued.


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